20 year old from Austin, Texas just trying to clear my mind of tangible objects, and conscious thoughts.
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I’m so emotional all the time. I smile so much, but inside I’m so broken. One day I’m high, then next I’m low. I’m scared. I’m scared I might just say, “fuck it” one day, and actually give in. I don’t know what’s going on with me…my depression is slipping back in. I look around me, and everyone seems to think I have it all…but I dont. I really have nothing. Internally I’m so broken. And no one gets it. I can’t discuss this with my homies. I cant. Cause they’ll say, you have everything you could possibly want ashlee…so shut up and enjoy it. Look at us, we look up to you cause you’re doing so good at a young age. They’ve said this before, so I know…

But I’m probably more fucked up in the head than yall.